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Keeping the Distance Between Personal and Professional Life During the Pandemic

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Balancing Personal and Professional Life During the Pandemic

The ongoing struggle for many in the lives of professionals for the last month, as the pandemic continues to uproot what used to be a normal emotional and physical separation between the workplace and home, is how to balance the needs of professional life and those of family, friends and loved ones. Some are adapting with grace and ease, while others are now in awe of the caregivers and educators in their lives as they try to adapt to a blended schedule of homeschooling and virtual meetings. For those without reliable Wi-Fi, deemed essential workers, and/or the ability to have a partner or family member to help share with educating and entertaining children, the distance between their personal and professional lives continues to shrink, causing stress and anxiety.

To confirm that none of us are alone in this struggle, we asked for stories from Kanarys’ users, team members and friends of Kanarys team members, all shared anonymously.

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