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Laura Ramirez of Ericsson: How DEI Leaders Can Drive Inclusion During COVID-19

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Last week, Kanarys team member Jared Fitzpatrick spoke with diversity and inclusion leader Laura Ramirez about the work she and her team at Ericsson are doing during the COVID-19 crisis to ensure that all employees are heard and DEI remains at the forefront of employee engagement.

Laura is responsible for Ericsson North America’s Diversity and Inclusion corporate strategy, leading all aspects of D&I. A recent TEDXSpeaker and heralded in D CEO Magazine’s listing of Dallas’s most influential business leaders, Laura is often consulted for her expertise and commitment to diversity & inclusion. Laura is a leader with proven results for driving change in corporate culture. She currently leads all initiatives related to building and fostering an inclusive culture at Ericsson, and her efforts around D&I help to elevate employee engagement, employee experience, external brand, attracting diverse talent and retaining talent. Prior to joining Ericsson, Laura led AT&T’s Women’s and Hispanic/Latino segments, talent development and corporate partnerships.

Read an excerpt from her conversation with Jared where she talks about what she is doing at Ericsson and advice for other DEI leaders. We appreciate Laura’s commitment to sharing her leadership perspective with the Kanarys team and audiences.


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