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The COVID-19 Pandemic Exposes Inequalities Between Havers and Doers

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By Mandy Price

Photo: MachineHeadz via iStock

Many Americans have been sheltering in place for a month now. The social distancing guidelines designed to save lives have brought us face to face with the deep social inequities in our society. The COVID-19 global pandemic has separated our society into one of two categories: the “havers” and the “doers.”

A “haver” is a person with the luxury of a job that allows them to work from home, home-school their children and binge-watch Tiger King on Netflix. Havers can choose to stay home and protect themselves from COVID-19, while the doers don’t have these same options. A “doer” is an “essential worker” who may be caring for the sick, cleaning our hospitals or delivering groceries and food. These doers are struggling to find child care, let alone home-school their children while trying to remain socially distant.

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